Making America Hate Again

Part 1



“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, One Nation under God, Indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”


This is an SOS to all Americans who sincerely practice the belief there is a God, and support the pledge of allegiance, for the United States of America.  Our grateful nation is in dire need of your help.  Today, our country is deeply divided by two equally arrogant and inept political parties that are influenced by groups motivated by hate, an insatiable greed, little if any empathy for others and an evil impartiality to violence.

For the Republicans, a historically bias police organization infiltrated with White Supremacy Dialogue. There are historical, complex, antagonistic, and often violent public embarrassments initiated under the guise of law enforcement and sanctioned by the Fraternal Order of Police.


Since 2015, 72 unarmed Black males between the ages 10-49 have been murdered in broad daylight by White Police officers. Their crimes include selling loose cigarettes, selling DVD’s, following police orders, calling the police for help, asking police for roadside assistance, a missing license plate, and playing with a toy gun in a public park.  Jeronimo-Yanez-Philando-Castile-Acquitted

In each of the circumstances, all-white juries acquitted the officers claiming police feared for their lives and must make quick decisions. Their union, the Fraternal Order of Police believes law enforcement should be able to kill unarmed Black Americans when they feel like it.  Screen-Shot-2017-05-19-at-10.53.17-PM.png


Police organizations that criticized the Obama administration on behalf the of murderers after some police shooting now have a friend in the White House, President Donald Trump.  He met with the representatives in the White House and boldly stated, “I got your back because you supported me”.  A month later, on May 17th jurors acquitted Officer Betty Jo Shelby, 43, of manslaughter after killing an unarmed Black Man for not getting on his knees as she “commanded”.

These degradations are executed for the sole purpose of humiliating men of color in front of wives, children, mothers, and entire communities; they can no longer be ignored or disregarded as part of a forgotten past.  These are modern day lynchings and as one prominent scholar stated, “Slavery did not end, it evolved”.

Law enforcement is bulletproof when it comes to political backlash and since the days of Nixon the backbone of the Republican Party. Now, they are getting outside assistance from an unlikely source to increase the brutality and mass incarcerations-Russia.

The Putin Government knows first and foremost, Russia is a White nation.  In many ways like Hitler’s Germany, Russian operatives have crafted a message that appeals to the Caucasian race. Not all Caucasians, but those who believe they are made in God’s image, it is the destiny of the Caucasian Race to rule all other races and there can be no other religion than Caucasian Christianity.


The U.S.S.R,   Fraternal Order of Police, narrow minded billionaires, and war profiteers have formed an evil cartel to diminish our nations’ place in civilization and America’s standing in the world by spreading the false doctrine people of African Descent and people who practice Islam are not civilized enough for democracy or deserving enough to live.This is an SOS. All Americans who sincerely believe and share the belief there is a God, and support the pledge of allegiance, a  grateful nation is in dire need of your help. Our country is deeply influenced and equally divided by people with a hate for nonwhite or Islamic Americans and an evil impartiality to Russians. Through collusion, apathy, fear, and the help of our Russian counterparts, a call for White Supremacy has been resurrected. The political opportunist, media outlets, and some elected officials are dispersing hate and promoting violence at the behest of partisan politics, under the guise of free speech and the first amendment.

For Black Americans and Muslim Americans, The U.S.S.R, Republican Party, National Rifle Association, Fraternal Order of Police, and White Far Right Winged Extremist, are the representation of an evil cartel, funded by narrow-minded billionaires, and war profiteers.  In the eyes of Black Men and Muslims, these groups have agenda and are intent on diminishing their place in American Culture, by redefining patriotism and considered them less than American.

As men, Black and Muslim standing in the world has always suffered. Today, their very existence is being questioned. Racially motivated political opportunist and ultra-right-wing media outlets are spreading a false doctrine people of African Descent and people who practice Islam are not civilized enough for democracy or deserving enough to live.

Enough is enough! Washington D.C is not Russia’s house. The nation’s capital is America’s house and it is time to clean house!  As a matter of fact, time to clean both houses. It is a must. We can only save our beloved country by removing all Republicans seeking reelection in 2018 and all Democrats seeking reelection in 2020.

First, why the Republicans 2018?  The Russians are not coming.  They are here. It is time for patriotic and law-abiding Americans to step forward, not in the streets but at the polls. Self-complacency has become stronger than truth. The biggest foes to democracy: a violent authoritarian despot, an international criminal organization, and a labor union have organized racially motivated forces around the globe in the name of jobs, free speech, terrorism, and Christianity. As a result, Americans are killing Americans in broad daylight over race, religion and political affiliations.


In his many years as head of KGB Putin learned the right combination of fear and public opinion can generate a prejudice and racial hatred economically far more efficient to destroying a country far better than nuclear bombs.

The Putin objective is simple; influence American sentiments to confuse self-glory and separatism with success or survival. The Putin strategy is straight from the devils’ playbook; Russian national threats outside and within the borders of the United States will use the roots of evil; envy and suspicion that rely on false truth and self-complacency as a weapon to abolish the United States Constitution and redefine American Democracy “White Only”.  Now, they have just the man in the White House to make it work.

As a result, today, the White House is the Russia House. The United States Departments’ of Justice, Health and Human Services, Education, Defense, Commerce and State Departments have received Executive Orders from a United States President, handpicked by Russia that either humiliate or kill men of African Descent, men who practice Islam and men who are poor, anywhere in the world.

American men, elected to serve in the best interest of our nation have abdicated their responsibility to pledge the allegiance and for political gain chose to work for the opponents of democracy. This cruel disregard is not restricted to Republicans. The Democratic Party and elected officials are equally draconian.