NewNegro Media: 2017 Executive Summary
D. H. Williams
CEO NewNegro Media
Currency of the new millennium; Customer Service, Honesty, and Credibility
Racism is bad and very overrated
After the 2016 U.S., Presidential election no one should ever, would ever, or could ever, without balls the size of church bells, (and that includes women), deny racism exist in the United States of America. 
As the direct descendant of a kidnapped African who fathered an American Slave, I am the grandchild of an exploited sharecropper. As for my generation, the children of American Negroes, we relied on Tarzan movies as our only source for African History. Thinking back, I am appalled. Thus, there is little you can tell my generation about racism-Trust me.  We get it. Racism is bad.
Now, thinking realistically as an adult man with adult children, other than praying nothing be done about it (racism). Any individuals, families, or religious orders that accept the idea racial supremacy and chooses to merge those views with illogical quite often with the violent opinion of my skin color tend to die with those beliefs after passing them on to other generations to follow that legacy.
Therefore, Black Americans (and the entire human race) at best should only expect to be tolerated, and never accept the utopia where every living person on the planet earth is seen or treated as an equal; perhaps some other planet or dimension, not here in this world.

And why should it matter and what can be gained? There is nothing in the entire universe that proves a man’s achievements will depend on the amount of envy he has for is neighbors, or how well others not of his race make him feel well liked. Which bears the question, is racism overrated?
There has never been a period in the United States more violent and racist than the slavery era up through reconstruction.  Yet slaves walked off plantations and built colleges and introduced entirely new agricultural industries that played a major part in America’s Industrial Revolution. Can you say peanut butter?
Beyond the useless rhetoric of pseudo-intellectuals and con men with civil rights resumes, there is nothing to support the theory that grant dollars, more love from white Americans, and protest marches will increase high school graduation rates, reduce violence, end corruption, improve integrity, and removes piles of garbage off vacant lots.
Yet, despite racism, there are mature Black men and Black women, who are honest folks, and people with integrity. They are the Black American citizens who ask for nothing but unity and cooperation in their quest for self-realization or individual development.
They manage to refrain themselves from violence, ignorance, and laziness that others of their race use as excuses to not educate themselves, raise their children, build healthy communities and continue to blame a lack of love from White Men for their self-inflicted failures.  

Contrary of negative stereotypes and misguided violence fostered by self-hate from within the Black American Population, and extremely racist (and often violent) perceptions fostered outside the Black American Community, many African Descendants of American Slaves continue to strive successfully and conduct themselves like civilized people.
They are Men and women with such strength and character, no amount of racism, oppression, toil or friendliness defeats their honest, intelligent, peaceful and caring attitudes. Within their quest to find peace with their maker and among their hopes of being left alone by the ass holes of the world, they screw racism. For them, there is nothing better than feeling happy and doing well. 
Like the parable of Jesus at the Pharisee’s House, “For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles will be exalted”, these American consumers of reference to buying influence, are the global trendsetters for fashion, music, sports, and entertainment.
In an era when trust has become the new currency, the corruption among Black American men, in many communities across America has never been so publicized, so pervasive, and so punishing to the economy of Black American communities. According to the latest data from U. S Department of Labor, the yearly income for Black households ($33,460) is $20,000 less than all other American Households ($50,502), regardless of race.
As a result, Black Men, head of households, operate with much less money than all other American households. As consumers, they are the least sought after among all demographic groups. If these households have less than 20,000 there is much less disposable income.  Add higher unemployment and that leaves many Black Men not credit-worthy among today’s banking standards. 

Like Pharisee’s, retailers, government officials, and to a certain extent Black Americans themselves, recognize households headed by Black men as a bunch of poor people looking for work. It is not about racism, just a sales fact. Revenues are generated from a customer’s status, not stature.  Yet, the Black Male consumer is a great irony, enigma, dilemma, and hope for real and sustainable global economic development; although the least coveted he is the most important to the Black American Economy.
 NewNegro Media proposes to sponsor four networking events between Local Area High
Schools and at large communities.  The purpose of these events is to forge a working
relationship between the American business community, educators, and high school students by celebrating the passage of the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments to the U.S Constitution.
By building on that legacy, EmanciFair will identify and began grooming the residents capable of building industry in impoverished areas, and redefine patriotism beyond angry, violent white men, who believe our nation and its great history is solely for the descendants of slave masters who fornicate on our Constitution and believe the democracy is meant to preserve and defend racial supremacy.
These events are educational and economic informal gatherings that recognize talents in the areas of Arts, Sciences, and Literature. If successful selected students, along with members of the at-large community will forge a bond and began working together, employing scientific models that identify the obstacles, develop future economic opportunities, and project the future threats to the community’s economic welfare and public safety, from within an intellectual environment, relying on knowledge and reasonable conclusions; as opposed to protest marches, public opinion and fear. Yes, there is Free Speech and Free Silence.