Our Heritage

Our Genesis was born in the idea of a man, to completely make his family self-sufficient and self-taught.  He was a man who knew GOD, the Creator and he knew how to pray.  He taught his sons how to pray and they have endeavored to teach other men how to seek, GOD, love mercy and justice, and live upright in the sight of their family.

We believe men are the divine leaders of their home and should lead with love because GOD is love.  If GOD is love, then a man should love GOD and by loving GOD, he loves his spouse, his children, his extended family, and his community.


We believe Men should be actively involved in his community and teach the young boys how to become good men.

We Believe that there are six moral pillars in the community:

Believe in GOD

Do not murder.

Do Not Steal

Honor your mother and father.

Respect every person regardless of race or opposite sex.

Protect the environment

Respect the flag